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who’s your favorite?

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  7. tomas-contreras answered: to be Honest Sonic is my Favorite
  8. battlefists answered: definitely ROB. wait, wheres ROB…
  9. alovelyintoxication answered: Samus
  10. ellesigm answered: link…..or shiek
  11. midnight-posts answered: Link, all the way.
  12. thesynthesis answered: Fox has always been my favorite since the original
  13. friendswithturkeys answered: olimar
  14. megavenusaur answered: Lucas, or ZSS :3 Toon Link is great too, but he’s not on here sooo
  15. smasher64 answered: LUIGI! :D
  16. furry-furrets answered: I’m fond of using Pikachu, at least in Melee.
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    I would say Link, but I do much better with Pit.
  18. morphball answered: SAMUS
  19. violetvanille answered: It’s a tie between Link, Pit, and Luigi.
  20. dacupcakebomb answered: I would usually say Link, but I’m best with Pit. :)
  21. pokekay answered: Toon Link<3
  22. yumuwasen answered: Link
  23. funnylittlegirlblog answered: LINK <3
  24. thatreallynerdywhitekid answered: CAPTAIN FALCON.
  25. digitaldynamo answered: Shiek hands down.
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